Quality Turf

QGS Development offers quality turf farming and services. We understand our clients require all-around performance from their turf. From athletic fields to golf courses, our quality turf will look great and withstand wear and tear. You depend on your turf to perform, and that’s why you can depend on us.

Quality Turf Farm In Florida

QGS Development is a quality turf farm in Florida specializing in high-grade turf and installation. We have over 600 acres of land for farming quality turf grass. We also have a state-of-the-art irrigation system that helps keep our turf healthy and green. QGS farms have Southern Seed Certification and a pervasive quality control program. This certification guarantees that our turf is of the highest quality.

Different Turf Options

Depending on the needs of our clients, we have different turf options. We have certified Celebration and Latitude 36 Bermuda, Registered and Certified 419 Bermuda, and Quality Dwarf Bermuda turf grasses. We also offer a sod and sprig installation service, irrigation, and repairs.

Celebration Bermuda

Many of our clients choose Bermuda for their front lawns because it creates a beautiful green space. This type of Bermuda is known for its dense, deep green color. It’s a popular choice for golf courses because it can be mowed short and maintain a consistent color.

Latitude 36 Bermuda

This Bermuda is ideal for hot, arid climates and is commonly used on golf courses. It tolerates high temperatures well and stays greener than other Bermuda grasses. It’s also known for being very drought-resistant.

419 Bermuda

This Bermuda enjoys high durability. It’s a common choice for sports fields since it can endure a lot of foot traffic. Many golf courses also use this type of Bermuda for its high resistance to wear and tear.

Quality Dwarf Bermuda

Some golf courses use a type of Bermuda grass called quality dwarf Bermuda. This turf’s good for golf courses because it can handle high temperatures and stay green in dry climates. It’s also very durable and can withstand a lot of foot traffic.

At QGS, our team can help you choose the right turf for your needs. We understand all aspects of turf care and are here to help you maintain a beautiful lawn or playing field. We’re dedicated to providing quality products and services to our clients. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

Sod and Sprig Installation

We offer a sod and sprig installation service for those who need turf immediately. We deliver and install the turf for you to use immediately.

The process includes:

1. We till the soil to loosen it up and remove debris.
2. We install a layer of topsoil.
3. We lay the turf in rows, ensuring each piece is snug against the others.
4. We compact the soil to make sure the turf is secure.
5. We water the turf to help it root in its new location.

No matter what type of turf you need, we can provide it. We’re dedicated to giving our clients the best possible product and service. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

High-Grade Turf and Installation Services

QGS offers a wide variety of high-grade turf and installation services. We also provide irrigation, repairs, and renovations.

Turf Irrigation

Healthy, green grass requires a consistent supply of water. That’s why we offer irrigation services. We can install an automatic sprinkler system to keep your turf healthy and hydrated. We can customize these systems to meet the needs of your turf.

Turf Repairs

If your turf is damaged, we can repair it. We offer patching, seeding, and other repair services. These services get your turf looking like new again.

Turf Renovations

Are you upgrading your turf? We offer turf renovations to help you get the turf you want. We can install new turf, remove old turf, and do whatever else is necessary to get your turf looking its best.

What Are the Benefits of Turf Renovations?

There are many benefits to turf renovations, including:

1. Improved drainage: We can install new drainage systems that help water seep away from your turf. This helps prevent flooding and keeps your turf healthy.
2. New soil: We can add new, nutrient-rich soil to your turf. This helps your turf look its best and grow more lush and green.
3. New turf grass: We can install new, high-quality turf grass to make your turf look its best.
4. Pest control: We can treat your turf for pests, ensuring it stays healthy and free of harmful insects.

We can help you with all your turf needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Tees, Greens, and Fairways

We also specialize in installing tee boxes, greens, and fairways. These are all essential parts of a golf course, and we can make sure they’re installed correctly.


Tees are vital to the game of golf. They provide a place for the golfer to tee off, which can be made from various materials. We can install tee boxes made from natural grass, synthetic turf, or a combination.


Greens are an essential part of a golf course. They’re the areas where golfers putt, and they need to be smooth, level, and well-maintained. We can install greens made from natural grass, synthetic turf, or a combination.


Fairways are the areas between the tee boxes and the greens. They’re usually made from natural grass, but they can also be made from synthetic turf. We can install fairways made from either type of material.

No matter what type of turf you need, we can provide it. We’re dedicated to giving our clients the best possible product and service. Skip the hassle of a subcontractor with QGS and go right to the source—us! QGS is your one-stop shop for all your turf needs. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.